Safe Use of Your Indalex Ladder

· Always inspect your ladder prior to using it.
· Do not use a damaged ladder.
· Always ensure it is on solid ground and cannot move.
· If you have to leave your ladder for any period of time recheck it before use.
· Face the ladder when climbing and working.
· Wear non slip footwear.
· Be aware at all times of other people when using the ladder.
· Using the ladder near a doorway is hazardous, always lock, remove or block open the door.
· Only use non conductive ladders where an electrical hazard exists.
· Ladder Safety Video

Care for Your Indalex Ladder

· Do not over tighten when tying your ladder down.
· Do not push your ladder around.
· Do not drop your ladder.
· Store your ladder in a covered location (especially important for fibreglass)