About Trade Outlet


We’re a family run business with decades of experience in selling reliable products trusted and used by tradesman. 

With all our products we aim to understand our customers and meet their needs. We form ongoing friendships with our customers and actually listen to what they need. Also, our Indalex Ladders are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed stringent Australian and New Zealand (AS/NZS) Standards.

Trade Outlet is set up specifically to sell our trades products sourced from real world experience of what works direct to you at outlet prices.

You need not be a tradesman, possibly just someone who wants something that not only will last, but is work proven.


We sell Indalex Ladders!

Indalex Ladders are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed Australian and New Zealand (AS/NZS) Standards.

The Indalex factory is ISO 9000-2000 Quality Assured and is verified by Lloyds of London. This quality assurance also covers the in house Testing Laboratory. The factory is vertically integrated with a re-melt facility, log casting, homogenising ovens, multiple extrusion presses, multiple CNC machining centre, punching presses and special purpose assembly machines. The factory also designs and manufactures its own extrusion dies and other tooling. Indalex offers the most comprehensive Ladder range in Australia and New Zealand with over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing Ladders. Indalex knows how to produce ladders that last. Indalex has an extensive range of Heavy Duty Industrial Ladders (Pro Series) for the professional user, an Industrial Ladder range (Tradesman) for the tradesman and serious DIY user, Special Purpose range for either multi use or dedicated tasks and a Domestic Ladder range for use around the home.

The design of each product range takes into account the expected usage of the individual ladder, thus the most appropriate materials, fasteners and assembly methods are used. Warranty and Load Ratings are shown in detail on each of the product range pages following. Indalex is always poised for the future and remains committed to continued research, constantly upgrading its facilities and practices while remaining dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of both our customers and end users.

Many innovations such as the level arc, PFSE step extension ladder and platform/podium ladder continue to keep New Zealanders safe at work and at home.

Indalex is now available in North America, Asia and the United Kingdom.